Information about the Vordon Brand

About Us

The Vordon brand has been operating vigorously in the Polish market since 2010. Its main headquarters are located in Rzeszów, with the administrative office in Warsaw and a branch with warehouses in the vicinity of Wrocław. Since the beginning of its existence, the company has had navigation and GPS equipment in its offer. Today, these are the flagship products of the Vordon brand, which has also expanded its range to include other automotive electronics items. For several years, Vordon has remained a leader in the quantity of navigation sales in the Polish market.

The Vordon design office makes every effort to subject each individual piece of products branded with the brand’s logo to quality testing. The team of designers and graphic artists takes care of the visual characteristics of the products as well as their usability features. Thanks to the import of foreign solutions and components, it is possible to achieve a synergy of high-quality products with low prices and easy availability.

Why Us?

Throughout its operation, the company has obtained necessary quality certifications, such as CE and RoHS.

The shipment of goods takes place from warehouses in Rzeszów or Wrocław, ensuring express delivery throughout Poland. The equipment servicing and warranty repairs are carried out in Rzeszów.

In its offer, Vordon mainly specializes in automotive electronics. Among the flagship products are car navigation systems, available in various functionality options, motorcycle navigation systems, reversing cameras, reversing monitors, car radios, car dashcams, as well as many other automotive and utility electronic devices. The product range is continuously being developed and expanded.